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CMI Organizational structure

Organizational structure is in dynamic graphical organigram.

Organizational structure is in this document too.

CMI is organized by Internal organizational units (IOU, in Czech texts „VOJ“). Units have individually checked economy and relatively strong competency. They operate in specific regions of CR (see map).

RI Liberec RI Pardubice RI Praha TESTCOM Praha LFM Praha ČMI Medical RI Plzeň RI Jihlava RI České Budějovice SUBUNIT Karlovy Vary RI Plzeň RI Brno RI Kroměříž RI Olomouc RI Opava RI Most accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 laboratories of fundamental metrology calibration verification national standards medical devices part of headquarters Praha headquarters Brno

IOU are Regional Inspectorates („OI“ in Czech texts) and two specialized laboratories, Laboratory for Fundamental Metrology in Praha, TESTCOM in Praha and CMI Medical in Praha. Selected IOU maintain Czech national standards (see map).

In addition to the internal operational units given above the CMI General Director has established direct managed departments or deputy director.

IOU have delegated extensive authority. Operational units are appointed to:

  • provide legal metrology services and supervision,
  • verify legal metrology instruments,
  • provide the calibration services,
  • issue certificates,
  • issue metrology opinions,
  • conclude contracts for their services,
  • register manufacturers and repairers of measuring instruments in their region,
  • assess measuring instruments, methods in fixed financial limit.