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International cooperation

CMI, in close coordination with UNMZ, fulfils tasks resulting from the Membership of the Czech Rep. in the EU and in the European metrology organizations (EURAMET e.V., WELMEC) and from international inter-governmental treaties and arrangements (Metric Convention, CIPM MRA, OIML). In the narrower region of middle Europe  CMI takes part in activities of an association of national metrology institutes of countries having been once part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire called DUNAMET.

International cooperation has always played a key role in the development of CMI – in time of its foundation in 1993 CMI started nearly from scratch so that any other source of technical knowledge in a number of fields, especially in fundamental metrology, than international cooperation was not available.   

Strategic goals to be achieved by Czech metrology in international cooperation in the long term are as follows:

  • to get fully involved in the international subdivision of  work in metrology and to take part in projects aimed at management of metrology and R/D In metrology;
  • to be active in projects of technical aid in metrology financed both from national funds as an OECD member (Czech Development Agency) and from European ones (EuropeAid etc.);
  • to get involved in preparation of harmonized metrological regulations;
  • to submit and promote own concepts of developments in metrology both in regional and world-wide frameworks;
  • to systematically gather new information for technical development of the institute in individual fields of measurement and to improve qualification and expertise of the staff (short-term stays and internships);
  • to raise the standard of metrological traceability in the Czech Rep. by regular participation in various types of  international comparisons of physical standards;
  • to extend the CMI metrological services to other EU member countries by exploiting the benefits of the EU Single Market (harmonized legislation, non-tariff zone).

More detailed information:

fundamental metrology:

  • Metric Convention – BIPM
  • EURAMET e.V.

legal metrology:

  • OIML



Among the most important partner institutes belong:

SMÚ          Slovenský metrologický ústav                  Slovakia         

MKEH       Hungarian Office for Trade Licences       Hungary         

BEV           Bundesamt für Eich- und                         Rakousko       


GUM          Główny Urząd Miar                                  Poland           

PTB            Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt    FRG               

NPL           National Physical Laboratory                   UK                 

VSL           Van Swinden Laboratory                         the Netherlands

NIST          National Institute for Standards and        USA          


IRMM        Institute for Reference Materials and       EU             




SMÚ:     when the Czechoslovak Federation was split in 1993 the property of then Czechoslovak Metrology Institute Bratislava was divided based on principle of the current location so that CMI obtained only a fraction of this property.  

PTB:      the predecessor called Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt founded by industrialist Mr. Siemens and physicist Mr. Helmholtz in 1887 was the pfirst national metrology institute in the world. It is the greatest metrology institute in Europe which extended to CMI an invaluable technical assistance in the difficult initial years.

NPL:      at the beginning of the World War II sir R.Watson-Watt  invented here the radar  which subsequently played a crucial role in the air Battle of Britain. Mr. Alan Turing was instrumental in development of the first computer in the world used in the code-breaking centre in Bletchley Park.

NIST:    the greatest national metrology institute in the world with laboratories in Gaithersburg and Boulder, several Nobel Prize winners in physics working here.