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OUTSOURCING - complete services in the field of metrology (calibration, verification of measuring instruments, consulting, cooperation in the preparation of quality manual, etc.).

If you want to improve your status and to better achieve your business objectives in a competitive, material, financial and organizational section, we are very pleased that we can offer you service to secure complex metrology care from CMI – outsourcing.

As its name implies, this is not only a service of calibration and verification of measuring instruments, but it also assessing their suitability, inventory, creating their registration cards, setting recalibration intervals, provision of cooperation in controlling their functionality, mediation repairs, or technical assistance and other services related to metrology in your company.

For more information please contact: Marketing Unit - Radek Zeman,

Customer feedback
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CMI is the national metrology institute of the Czech Republic and provides a wide range of metrological services. We seek to ensure long-term customer satisfaction with the quality and scope of our service, with the logistics of our service and how CMI staff treat you, our customers. We can only achieve this objective if we receive feedback from you. Therefore, we would like to ask for your help with this survey. If multiple answers apply, please mark all such answers.

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