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Additional services and training

Supporting elements of legal metrology
Some activities within the national metrology system and competence of their execution are specified in the legislation metrology and loads by the specified requirements and conditions.

Laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio equipmewnt and electrical safety
The laboratory covers all EMC tests (EMI and EMS) according to products, generic and basic standards. The laboratory is accredited and according to harmonized standards provides tests of radio equipment and tests of electrical safety of the  equipment produced by the electrotechnical industry.

Certification of reference materials
CMI provides certification of reference materials (RM) in accordance with § 8 of Act no. 505 / 1990Sb., of metrology, as amended, and its implementing decrees of MIT(Ministry of Industry and Trade).
Its work is carried out with the participation of a team of experts who form a permanent advisory body (Commission for RM) and creates teams for assessment of individual projects RM. Activity is governed by the internal regulation of CMI no. 017-MP-C001.

Preparation of reference materials
CMI ensures the production of reference materials:  pH, electrolytic conductivity, gass mixtures and  reference materials of grain moisture and nitrogenous substance in grain.

Education and vocational training
Czech Metrology Institute organizes regular training sessions in field of metrology for metrology of companies, training sessions of the employees of authorized metrological centers and other regular educational events. CMI also offers special training sessions in the individual scale and field of metrology according to customer's requirement.

Radioactivity - products and services
Production of 19 basic types of standards and their modifications given by activity, radionuclide, volume and shape.

E-shop is service for selling physical products contained in CMI product catalogue.