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Unit of Primary Nanometrology and Technical Length


6014 - oddělení primární nanometrologie a technické délky
Okružní 31, 638 00 Brno

Vnitřní organizační jednotka

Head of Department


Obory kalibrací

  • length

Kalibrované přístroje

  • 1-D measuring machines
  • gauge blocks
  • length bar (long gauge block)
  • external cylinders (plugs, pistons)
  • internal cylinders (rings)
  • spheres (balls)
  • plugs
  • rings
  • straight edge
  • thread plugs, plain
  • thread plugs, plain
  • surface plate
  • contact meters for measuring of the end gauges in the vertical position
  • 1D měřicí stroje (délkoměry)
  • micrometers
  • calipers
  • length measuring machine
  • testing sieves
  • geometrical standards

Další služby

  • Particle counters calibration
  • Calibration of reference samples used in nanometrology (gratings, step heigth standards, electron microscopy calibration standards)
  • High resolution traceable measurements using Scanning Probe Microscopy methods
  • Numerical modeling and experimental data processing

Další specifikace

Department of nanometrology is focusing on research and development in the area of high resolution measurements, namely using Scanning Probe Microscopy methods. We are focusing on making this method metrologically traceable, including all its varieties, for measurements of local dimensional, mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical and magnetic properties. We also perform calibration of more traditional length standards, and particle counters calibration, as listed above.