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Unit of Primary Metrology of Gas Volume, Flow and Refractometry


5012 - oddělení primární etalonáže průtoku plynu, malého objemu kapalin a refraktometrie
Průmyslová 455, 530 03 Pardubice

Vnitřní organizační jednotka

Head of Department


Obory kalibrací

  • metrology in chemistry
  • volume
  • flow
  • thermometry and humidity
  • pressure

Kalibrované přístroje

  • refractometers
  • gas flow meters
  • gas meters
  • gas conversion devices
  • glass volumetric vessels
  • metal volumetric vessels
  • volumetric cylinders
  • fals
  • burrets
  • pippetes
  • automatic pipettes
  • pycnometers
  • samplers
  • syringes
  • volumetric glassware
  • piston volumetric equipment
  • pressure balance
  • mechanical manometers
  • digital manometers
  • pressure measuring sensors and transducers
  • liquid-in-glass thermometers
  • gauged thermometers including temperature measuring chains, their temperature sensors and the characterization of temperature chambers

Další služby

  • carrying out inter-comparison  tests of gas meter test benches of authorised metrology centres
  • carrying out inter-comparison  tests of gas meter test stations
  • type tests and verification of gas meters and of  gas volume conversion devices
  • consultancy services to users of gas meters and gas flow meters to manufacturers and service companies  of gas metering equipment (gas meters, gas flow meters and related measuring instruments)
  • participation in the development of legislation for the gas industry
  • training of staff
  • carrying out short tests on gas volume conversion devices in their installation places