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General Director


0111 - generální ředitel
Okružní 31, 638 00 Brno

Vnitřní organizační jednotka

Head of Department


Další služby

General director manages all the activities of the organisation, acts on its behalf and is responsible for the results of its activities. The CMI is accountable for its activities to its founder, the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Secretary of General Director and ZPC Department ensures the administrative agenda of the GD and the OŘLM, organises and facilitates the DG's official relations with the parties and assists the DG and the OŘLM in the performance of its tasks. It is responsible for social policy and tasks in the field of protection of classified information

The Quality Manager (QM) of CMI, appointed by the general director, is a member of the top management of CMI. On behalf of the general director and in cooperation with other members of the CMI senior management, he/she proposes and develops the CMI quality policy and, after approval, reviews its implementation. He/she ensures the tasks related to building and maintaining the CMI quality management system.