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WELMEC – European cooperation in legal metrology,

WELMEC is an association of legal metrology authorities of the EU Member States (in a broader sense, inclusive candidate countries etc. which are associated members) and therefore it is a regional European organization for cooperation in legal metrology. It was founded in 1990 by 15 EU Member States and 3 EFTA countries under the name   W estern E uropean L egal Me trology C ooperation and this acronym has been retained even after a change of the official name to  European Co-operation in Legal Metrology in 1995. The WELMEC bodies:  the Committee (the delegates of members and associated members and observers from EURAMET, EA, OIML etc.) and Working Groups, each of which has a secretariat in one of the member countries. UNMZ is a member organization in WELMEC on behalf of the CR, experts from CMI are members in corresponding working groups – for their overview see The basic goal of WELMEC is to establish mutual confidence among legal metrology services, preparation of harmonized guidance documents for implementation of European legislation (especially directives NAWID and MID), a harmonization of activities and an exchange of information.