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Uncertainties of measurements quickly and easily

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This one-day training focused on the determination of uncertainties in the field of measurement is always dedicated to metrology for certain physical quantities and are intended for metrological laboratories workers who already have some basic experience uncertainties.

Opening morning session will be devoted to the theory of the uncertainty of the mathematical foundation necessary for an understanding of the uncertainty topic and using appropriate illustrations and animations when determining conservative estimate of the uncertainty in the simple measurement processes. The theoretical basis will be supplemented with illustrative examples of the uncertainty of measurement as a classical way, and using the Monte Carlo method.

The afternoon part of the course will focus on practical calculation of uncertainty in the field of measurement with direct involvement of the group  of participants.

Participants will be illustrated that with current computing resources you can do mathematics necessary for determine the uncertainty of measurement easily and that the only challenge is to identify all factors affecting measurement (understanding the process of measuring and determining the mathematical model).

Each participant will receive a training course certificate of completion the course and a manual that using appropriate mathematical tools to provide a detailed explanation of the concepts for possible further study and use.













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Place of course:     conference room ČMI, Okružní 31, 638 00 Brno - see map

Applications: Miss.Hana Kohutková , tel. +420 545 555 105,

The course price: 3 000 CZK / person including VAT