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Unit of Temperature and Humidity


6036 - oddělení teploty a vlhkosti
Okružní 31, 638 00 Brno

Vnitřní organizační jednotka

Head of Department


Obory kalibrací

  • thermometry and humidity

Kalibrované přístroje

  • liquid-in-glass thermometers
  • resistance thermometers
  • thermoelectric thermometers
  • gauged thermometers including temperature measuring chains, their temperature sensors and the characterization of temperature chambers
  • infrared radiation thermometer and measuring chains of infrared radiation thermometers
  • measuring chains
  • thermal imagers
  • hygrometers
  • humidity measuring chains including humidity sensors
  • characterization of climatic chambers

Další služby

  • consultation on the instrumentation of the calibration laboratory, the internal continuity scheme, calibration methodologies and procedures, software evaluation of measurements, determination of the standard uncertainty of the measurement chain
  • training in calibration/verification of sensors, temperature and humidity gauges
  • measurement at the customer's location
  • type tests of sensors, gauges and reference equipment in the field of temperature
  • measuring the homogeneity and stability of the temperature field
  • measurement of the stability and homogeneity of the moisture field