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Interlaboratory comparisons

Submitted by pklenovsky on 10 December, 2015 - 13:24

CMI is since 2003 an accredited provider of interlaboratory comparisons (ILCs) where mostly accredited calibration labs participate. These ILCs are of the so called piloted ones where reference measurements of test items are normally made by CMI primary laboratories which, on their part, would regularly participate in key comparisons on the global or European regional level in the framework of the arrangement CIPM MRA (see Recently, the association of accreditation bodies in the EU member countries, the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) has decided to verify the validity of its multilateral agreement on recognition of accredited calibration certificates through ILCs of its own design. Providers of such ILCs on the European level are selected on the basis of a tendering process by one of the EA organizational bodies. In such away CMI has acquired in 2015 orders to organize 3 such ILCs: gauge blocks up to 100 mm, a calibrator of moment of force and thermocouples type N with a total of 100 participants across Europe. A successful involvement of CMI in such comparisons has a multiple of synergic effects for CMI – if the fact that CMI has approx. 400 participants annually from all over the world (from Singapore to Chile) is added it can be argued that CMI has established itself as one of the leading providers of ILCs in the world. In case of a need of more information or an interest in an ILC participation please will you contact Mrs. Simona Klenovska,